Andrew Burton

Andrew is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Civil Engineering Department. In his research he investigates novel methods for detecting damage in structures. His focus is on developing thin film strain sensors for spatial damage detection using laboratories such as the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. He also tests these and various other structural sensing technologies both at Michigan and with collaborators in Kyoto, Japan. Andrew is passionate about pursuing diverse intellectual interests to solve challenging problems, which has led to master’s degrees in both civil and electrical engineering to facilitate his Ph.D. work. He is searching for a career where he can lead efforts solving challenging problems and pursuing business interests while growing as a part of a talented team. He is also passionate about rugby, which he played during his undergraduate at UC Davis and continues to play currently in Ann Arbor.
Role: President
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Yawei Chen

Yawei is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research projects are about investigating the pyrolysis of wood particles to produce bio-fuels. He studied the effect of torrefaction on the wood pyrolysis and I also developed mathematical models in prolate and oblate coordinates to analyze the pyrolysis of wood particles of various sizes and shapes. Currently, he is working on catalytic pyrolysis of biomass to produce hydrocarbon fuels.
Yawei likes running and working out in the gym. He also likes to do surgeries on his old Mazda 6 to replace some old components such as tie rods, struts, brakes, and rotors etc. Ideally, Yawei hopes to work in the areas related to thermal science, energy management and consulting.
Role: Vice President for Communication
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Clara Ying Zhang

Clara is a Masters student in Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE) at University of Michigan. In her undergraduate studies, she gained not only dual engineering degrees in Mechanical Engineering and IOE, but also the valuable multicultural experience of having studied in China, Germany and the US. With the vision of both technical and operations sides of engineering, she has been focusing her career explorations on the intersection of engineering and business – specifically, business analytics, technology innovation and operations management. She is seeking a career where she can thrive on her intellectual curiosity and strong drives to solve complex problems within a growing environment.
Clara loves photography and backpacking across foreign lands. She is also a credentialed part-time National Basketball League reporter, publishing articles for millions of Chinese NBA fans.
Role: Vice President for Event Organization
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Minyu Xiao

Minyu is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of chemistry. His research focuses mainly on correlating interfacial structure and device function in photovoltaic applications. Minyu’s professional passions is to interface technology with business, where he wish to combine his analytical skills and research experience with technology entrepreneurship.
He is also passionate for consulting and his team took the 2nd place in MGCC’s 2016 case competition. At his free time, Minyu enjoys playing basketball and he served as captain of departmental basketball team during his undergraduate.
Role: VP for Recruiting Relations
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Elmer van der Vlugt

Elmer is pursuing a Master of Public Policy at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. He is interested in people, society and problem-solving; and passionate about analyzing situations and finding optimal solutions. His policy expertise is concentrated in the fields of international policy, economic policy, and science and technology policy. Elmer is also interested in topics like strategy and stakeholder engagement.
Elmer likes to work in teams with diverse backgrounds and interests, and he prefers to work in dynamic and high-paced environments. In his free time, he enjoys the wonders of playing blues guitar, photography and Michigan football.
Role: Vice President for Public Relations
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